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“Feedback on the Audience Alive presentations was extremely positive. It certainly lifted the meeting to a new level.”
– Mark Quickfall – Chairman / Skyline Enterprises Ltd –

Is your sales team WINNING?

Like, really WINNING?

Like you’ve got some bad ass products and you’re just killing it with a presentation that gets your audience pumped and stoked that they showed up for the meeting and are ready and willing to buy?!

Or…are you kind of winning, but you’re using the same boring, overused, standard presentation where there’s 50 bullet points for every 2 slides and Larry from accounts is actually asleep in the back corner and Dion from the investment firm keeps looking at his watch? And you probably didn’t even know that corporate presentation design companies exist, and that your presentation doesn’t have to consistently bore the masses, did you? Your audience is DEAD – how do you bring this AUDIENCE ALIVE?


Eeek, don’t worry!

There’s about 30 million PowerPoint presentations delivered every day, which means there’s a big number of people out there NOT utilizing the latest in audience engagement or a PowerPoint design company to deliver outstanding content that actually…wait for it…engages an audience from start to finish (there won’t be any Larry’s falling asleep on our watch)! A good presentation sells, but to do that you’ve got to understand your audience.

And you can’t ignore the significance of a presentation either. A recent survey found that 46% companies see PowerPoint as their primary sales tool. 46%!? Think of all the PowerPoint’s you have had to endure…and how many have actually been effective at firstly, engaging you and secondly, persuading you? Not many we’re sure. Do you see how important it is to use a presentation design agency that produces exciting, flashy, dynamic, interactive presentations? After all it’s most likely an integral part of selling your business.

The problem is that engaging an audience these days is actually a fine art. You can’t just win someone over with a ‘run of the mill’ presentation. Think about the monstrosity of content we’re subject to everyday. That’s the Internet, television, news, work, meetings…and more meetings. It’s not realistic to expect people to take in and digest every type of content they are subject to on a daily basis. So instead you’ve got to really think about what your audience will listen to and deliver your product, business or idea in a unique, interactive way which doesn’t include 100’s of bullet points, graphs and tables with lots and lots of numbers.

Audience Alive To The Rescue

Audience Alive is a presentation design company, created out of the need for interactive presentations that build a positive and lasting relationship with customers, clients and employees. Everyone wants to be unique and different, right?! But businesses often don’t have the time or expertise to deliver eye-catching presentations, or think that a basic, dull, fact driven slideshow is all that’s needed. Like we said, times have changed. And it’s time to move on from the status-quo and fire up your presentations with some bling! It’s necessary to use a business presentation design company if you want an effective presentation that sells!

The bling we’re talking about? It’s all the flashy stuff we’ve got up our sleeves. We develop compelling stories through the use of interactive digital media, motion graphics, video, infographics and mobile event apps. Our team is always exploring new technologies to help interact better with your audience, whether through mobile event apps or interactive event brochures. But it’s not just about technology, as a presenter you have to sell that story and mean it. We train our customers to think and feel like an audience, in helping them to be confident, interesting and exciting storytellers. Ever watched That’s the kind of storytellers we want our customers to be.


It’s all about how you present your business!

It’s all about packaging your business, your ideas, your goals into a fluid, exciting and engaging story that leaves your audience stoked that they showed up in the first place! A unique brand story is what turns a dull product lecture or sales pitch into a wining sales presentation. Think about memorable advertising campaigns, like ‘Toyota’s ‘Bugger’ or Air New Zealand’s ever changing ‘Safety Briefings’. These brands are connecting with their customers by telling a story and not just any old story but one that’s unique, dramatic and creates a positive discussion within the audience. A boutique presentation design studio with a significant international presence, Audience Alive can also help your business reach and engage with audiences locally and internationally through our bi-lingual services.

We’ve worked with companies around the world to turn sleep-inducing slides into works of art. New to the New Zealand landscape, we believe that the international foundation of our company makes us the best presentation design company in New Zealand. Why? We know how to make the inherently boring, exciting and how to create powerful stories that sell brands and their products.

Engaging an audience excites us, so let us pass the torch in helping your business reach its full potential. Get in touch today with NZ’s newest player, and the best presentation design company at that – Audience Alive.

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Professional training in Queenstown, New Zealand

We live and work in one of the most beautiful places in the world.

Why not come to us (alone or with your team) and learn something new whilst here? We offer a range of courses that will teach you something new all whilst soaking in the pure New Zealand air. We combine learning with a range of activities for the adrenaline crazed to the languid.

Courses currently offered:

Presentation Training for kids – What parent doesn’t want their kid to be a better presenter?
Advanced PowerPoint – Learn new skills in the art of making better slides
Advanced Presentations – Conqueror the fear of presenting and work on your body language
Event Technology – Learn the latest technology used in meetings and events
SEO Fundamentals – Learn the fundamentals of website Search Engine Optimisation for your websites

presentation design company audience alive nz
presentation design company audience alive nz
presentation design company audience alive nz


Feedback on the Audience Alive presentation was extremely positive. It certainly lifted the meeting to a new level.

Mark Quickfall

Chairman, Skyline Enterprises Ltd

Engaging, fun, interactive, of the highest quality and world class standard, a benchmark of its own!

Kestutis Viliunas


Presentation looks fantastic – very slick and will definitely give Audience Alive a plug on the night and going forward.

Catherine Fallon

Operations Manager, Queenstown Chamber of Commerce

I loved having the best presentation – it gave me so much confidence – and I had lots of interest as a result.

Lucy Bennetto

Owner, Bennetto Natural Foods Co

People are saying great things about Audience Alive!

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