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Eliminate the fear of public speaking with Audience Alive’s kids presentation coaching!

Public speaking is the number one fear in the world. When asked, a lot of adults refer back to earlier bad experiences having ruined their confidence. That leads us to believe that we need to spend more time teaching our young better ways at communicating so that they have the right tools to be great public speakers. If you catch kids before they have that fear of speaking in front of people, they miss that obstacle altogether and go on to be great communicators and leaders. Kids presentation training is very beneficial to your child’s development.

Presentation Skills Coaching For Kids with Audience Alive – A skill and asset that they will keep for the rest of their life.

When kids are in their formative years, enrolling in Audience Alice’s communication skills training for children will only serve to develop their communication and interpersonal skills and their confidence in social settings – all important, crucial life skills.

Audience Alive’s kids presentation coaching, offers creative and nifty tips on how to make a cool and exciting presentation. It also focuses on what kind of interpersonal skills are useful when trying to explain an idea to an audience. This can help kids develop their interpersonal skills in learning how to explain a concept or idea to one or many people and keep them interested!

Eight years and up is the optimum age, but with anything – the quicker you get involved, the quicker you’re going to succeed! From basic coaching on important public speaking skills, to advanced presentation and effective graphic skills our kids presentation coaching cover’s it all and caters to all ages!

The best thing? Our kids public speaking courses are designed to be FUN! Audience Alive does everything a little different to ensure that all audiences we come across are engaged, excited and ready for more! Teaching child public speaking skills is just one of the many courses we offer, in helping to bring audiences alive (both the younger and older ones!)

Presentation Skills Coaching For Kids with Audience Alive – A skill and asset that they will keep for the rest of their life.

kids presentation training

Build communication skills and confidence

presentation training for kids

Capture the audience’s attention

presentation skills training for kids

Develop charisma

children presentation training

Write their own speech

Make supporting visuals

presentation skills training for children

Public speaking

There is Life after Death-by-PowerPoint for your kids. Teach them effective graphics skills and advanced presentation know-how from the masters in their field Audience Alive.


The Story mountain

Use amazing analogies

Ban Bullet Points

Use Images

Dress up numbers


Get confidence

Be passionate

Start strong

Keep it short

Make good eye contact

Voice – prosody, pitch, projection


Start with a question

Fun engagement tools like catchbox (throwable mic)

Gamify your presentation with a quiz

Have a debate


Trainer Profile: John Quinn

Raised and educated in Ireland, Johnny has sat through more bad presentations than he’d care to remember. It was during one of these boring business meetings that Johnny decided on a career to banish “Death-by-PowerPoint.”  In 2001 he started in Dubai and expanded his business in 2010 to incorporate a new brand

In 2015 John decided to move to Queenstown, NZ and grow the presentology market in the region.  In this video John explains presentology: Click here to view

Got Questions? The answers are here:

Can you really coach kids to present better?

Yes, we can coach kids. Actually, it’s easier to coach kids, because we help them create a positive belief system and attitudes towards themselves and others during a period when they have a high ability to absorb. We fit the style and pace of the program to the age and situation of the child, so they just enjoy some time talking about themselves and think it’s a lot of fun. We do it before they start getting frustrated with themselves and their world, so they don’t have to “unlearn” as much as adults do. In fact, when coaching adults, we find that they refer to childhood memories of bad experiences. So if we can fix this at source we hope to create a better generation of future presenters.

From what age can you coach kids?

We believe that children are gifted and that they can do amazing things that grown-ups don’t expect them to do. We’ve coached kids in schools as early as 8 years of age. We use games suitable for their age to activate in them positive thinking, curiosity, sense of security in their surrounding, trust and confidence. We work with them to develop their confidence of being heard in front of groups of people, working on their confidence, vocal range, and body language.

How do you coach kids?

Children learn best while they play, because the new knowledge is associated with fun. We bring into our child coaching 20 years of experience in teaching through gamification, coupled with extensive knowledge of the learning process. We assess their communication style and find the best way for each of them to absorb information and we present the program in the way that suits them best.

What is the difference between child coaching and teaching or educating?

Teaching is about introducing knowledge and skills in preparation for some unknown use later. Education is typically about introducing knowledge and skills about specific values and about what’s socially acceptable. Unfortunately, this usually means that education is externally motivated for many young people. Child presentation coaching, on the other hand, is about gaining control over your confidence, mind & body to be an effective communicator. Kids see this as ‘being brave’!  It deals with the things that are important to them, not to somebody else. This makes kids coaching incredibly effective, because they can see positive results right away and this encourages them to continue, so they get better and better results. At the same time, their confidence grows, until they feel they can handle just about anything.

What is your professional background?

John Quinn delivers our child presentation coaching. John has been teaching and coaching presenters since 2001. John is the owner of . John holds a current New Zealand police warrant, Level 2 first aid certificate  and is a leader in New Zealand Scouts. John is also an executive leader of New Zealand Toastmasters and has taught in New Zealand schools and Dubai colleges where he was based for 20 years. John is a public speaker on advanced presentation techniques, learning through gamification, graphic design, & communication styles. He currently lives in Queenstown, New Zealand with his wife Jacquie, children Cara and Aran, Sparky the dog, four ponies and two alpacas. John is passionate about improving the next generation of presenters.  You can read more about John here:

How long is the kids coaching Program?

The kids coaching program is over 3 one hour sessions. John will introduce the concepts during each session covering: Handling the fear of presenting and gaining confidence, developing a presenter voice, and using body language. In most cases, the 3 one hour sessions are enough to provide a foundation for the child for years to come. You can read more about the program here:

Where does the coaching take place?

The kids coaching program takes place over a secure zoom video conferencing call. Post Covid19 many people are expected to be able to use this method of communication, and it’s no different for kids. We ask that the call takes place in a quiet environment where the child can focus on the tasks at hand. Parents are very welcome to be in attendance but not necessary.

How much does child coaching cost and what are my payment options?

The kids coaching service, costs NZ$795, excluding GST (15%). This price includes 3 x 1-hour private sessions with the child. Parents are very welcome to be in attendance but not necessary.

Direct payment is the preferred method. Payment must be done before the first session and transaction receipt emailed to the coach. You will receive a tax invoice for the coaching.

If the price is too high consider our online course here: 

How can I book a place for my child?

Simply get in touch with us and we will arrange a time for the sessions.  Contact us.