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Interesting, engaging, funny, interactive. Heaps of tips and tricks to takeaway!


John Quinn… such an engaging presenter, had my attention right from the start. I will never use a bullet point again!


Great ideas and help thinking about how I can DISRUPT at my events!

Presentation training is crucial

If you’ve got confidence in yourself, and your communication skills then this will allow you to better communicate with others in public settings and sell your message. Having, or not having, these skills can be the difference between a great presentation and one that bomb’s. But not many are just born ‘great presenters’. It takes knowledge, time and practice to become an exceptional presenter but not to worry, Audience Alive’s presentation skills training helps guide you onto the path of presenter greatness.

presentation skills training

Learn presenting skills

 When you learn presenting skills with Audience Alive you won’t miss out on using PowerPoint. We don’t ban PowerPoint, instead you’ll learn how to present effectively WITH it. Get ready to learn to present WITHOUT 100’s of slides and 1000’s of bullet points. Be willing to try something new and get out of your comfort zone because the rewards you’ll get from a unique presentation delivered with confidence are endless.

presentation training

Years of experience

Students trained


Increase in sales using better techniques


Increase in client engagement

Out with the old, in with the new

Death-by-PowerPoint, Bullet-Points, Reading slides; these are just some of the mistakes today’s presenters make when trying to communicate effectively. We’ve said it once and we’ll say it again. These are boring, sleep-inducing techniques. Instead our presentation course focuses on the new skills, designs and artistry for your presentations and how to effectively use the latest interactive and multimedia technologies to light your presentation on fire! Trust us when we say that interactive presentations with interesting and slick visuals, graphics, videos and audio play like a work of art that captures your audience’s attention and brings the engagement level from 2 to 10 in minutes.

Attendees leave the presentation training course with key tools and techniques which flip their presentations from just ‘blah’ to ‘WOW’, ‘amazing’, ‘incredible’. The resulting presentation is more memorable and ultimately seals a deal or nails a point home. Our corporate presentation training can add real value to your business because it’s not solely about ‘the presentation’. Our presentation courses, offer strategic tools to convey messages with conviction and confidence, giving your staff important communication and interpersonal skills that can be used in many other settings to help them successfully sell an idea or product.

Looking to train your kids?

Our presentation skills training courses are designed to work for YOU

We know that one size doesn’t fit all so we customize our public presentation training depending on your needs: Have a fear of presenting? No worries, we’ll focus on developing your communication skills so you’ve got confidence and presence when speaking. Want a kickass presentation template designed and then rolled out to your salespeople? No drama, we’ll teach the fundamentals of effective presentations and how to use creative design tools to help push your message. 

Be trained in presenting with the professionals at Audience Alive. We’ve been around since 2001 and would love to use our experience, industry know-how and presentation expertise to help you become the ultimate presenter.

Topics covered in our courses:

Our courses have been developed to help increase knowledge about the fundamentals of effective presentations, learn new skills and techniques on putting presentations together, and become acquainted with the latest the world of multimedia technology has to offer us. Below are the main areas our courses cover:


Writing a script

Filter and condense

Start with the end in mind

Keep it simple

The art of story telling

Examples of great speeches

Lessons from Steve Jobs



Acquiring confidence

Show your passion

Start strong

Keep it short

Virtual presenting

Make good eye contact

Voice – tone, pitch, projection


Keep it simple

Limit bullet points & text

Limit transitions & builds

Where to find great images

Use appropriate charts

Using video effectively

Learn amazing animations


Event Apps

Prezi, Keynote

Voting Apps

Electronic Voting systems

Augmented Reality


Registration Systems

I’ve been on three of AudienceAlive’s workshops on Presentation Skills and each time I come out with a WOW experience. at first, I thought it was just me being an enthusiast for great presentations and using presentation software, but after I got AudienceAlive in to do a custom-course for the team, the vote was unanimous – it was a resounding WOW without exception from everyone in the audience. and just to put this into context – the audience were people who were ‘presenting’ for years. The greatest thing about the workshops that Audience Alive conducts that its contents are upto date, and you know that’s true because you’ve not even heard or seen these functions on PowerPoint yet (or just missed them completely the whole time). Then there’s John himself, who is a wealth of knowledge on the topic and has all the evidence to show that it works and YOU can do it as well – albeit with practice. Finally, the add-on’s – you get a ton of stuff for free, as though the knowledge and skills JQ has passed on wasn’t enough. A highly recommended workshop for anyone who is presenting to an audience. Go to AudienceAlive now, it’s never too late.

Frank Farrell

VP and Head Career Management and Succession Planning , Riyad Bank

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  1. Tips on how to present yourself and slides when presenting online
  2. How to make your slides not look "powerpointy"
  3. Examples of data visualization using icons and infographics
  4. New tools in PowerPoint such as; picture background remover, icon library, summary zoom, live captioning and more

What's in it for me?

  1. Tips on how to present for optimum delivery and audience retention
  2. Advice from a Presentologist who’s created over 5000 presentations
  3. A live demo of how to access these tools within PowerPoint