Audience Engagement Training Course

Learn how to make your presentation more engaging for your audience.

Audience Engagement Training Course

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One of the most common requests we get is to make ‘my presentation more engaging’.

If you want to bring an audience alive at your upcoming event or meeting then you have to understand that the status-quo just isn’t enough. How are you going to capture their attention for the duration of your event, and in a memorable way? By using the latest interactive tools and solutions to engage your audience and make your presentation, event, pitch or sales meeting successful.

Audience Engagement Training Course

A new norm:

Interactivity and audience engagement technologies are becoming the norm at events. Also sponsors see interactivity as a valuable channel for reaching busy attendees, boosting the exposure of your event further.

Improve audience retention of your message:

This course identifies the best solutions to improve audience interactivity and engage people, this improving memory retention of the subject. For example we show attendees how to have the audience download your event app to their mobile devices, and you open up the floor to easy registration, real time voting and anonymous feedback, gamification, social networking, and a simple and convenient place to hold all relevant information (like brochures, agendas, itineraries, etc).

What you will learn:

Monologue versus Dialogue – why you should consider engaging your audience

Asking questions – the anatomy of the perfect question

The latest Audience engagement apps such as:  Slido, Turning Technologies, Poll Everywhere,

Audience Engagement Tools such as: Logi Spotlight, Catchbox,  Zoom for PowerPoint, Crowdsourcing your content

New ways to meet: Meeting Architecture examples such as: Campfire, Unconference, Ignite, PechKucha, Quiz, Debate, and Scene

How to avoid the common problems of Audience Engagement

How to evaluate the effectiveness of Audience Engagement

audience engagement training course

Audience engagement training pricing:

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Interesting, engaging, funny, interactive. Heaps of tips and tricks to takeaway!


John Quinn… such an engaging presenter, had my attention right from the start. I will never use a bullet point again!


Great ideas and help thinking about how I can DISRUPT at my events!