Advanced Public Speaking Skills Training

Public Speaking? Yeah Nah. Grow your confidence. Train with us. 

Speaking in public can be scary!

Public Speaking Skills Training is so very important for both personal and company growth. Learning how to speak in public more effectively is an important part of reaching out and communicating with groups of people, staff, work colleagues, friends, family and the general public. Speaking well in public, to an audience, can be a daunting task – we know that. That is why we have put together the Public Speaking Skills Training Course.

public speaking skills training

We train you on communication with confidence and skill

As your communications skills progress so does your self confidence and self respect. Although a life long pursuit, Audience Alive’s courses help to point you in the right direction. Enquire about Audience Alive’s Public Speaking Skills Training which helps guide you onto the path of better public speaking and communication.

public speaking training

Learn presenting skills too!

Let’s get one thing out of the way. When you learn presenting skills with Audience Alive you won’t miss out on using PowerPoint. We don’t ban PowerPoint, instead you’ll learn how to present effectively WITH it. Be warned; get ready to learn to present WITHOUT 100’s of slides and 1000’s of bullet points. That’s not our style, and it shouldn’t be yours either because it’s beyond boring. To learn presentation, like really learn it, you’ve got to be willing to try something new and get out of your comfort zone because the rewards you’ll get from a unique, funky presentation delivered with confidence are endless.

public speaking skills training

Years of experience

Students trained


Increase in sales using better techniques


Increase in client engagement

public speaking training

Learning about presentation structure was really useful. The feeling of a safe place – Jonny made us all feel safe


Presented in an engaging manner. Wide range of different presentation techniques covered. Resources provided to help with future presentations. Thank you.


Went beyond the mechanics of presentations, a huge focus was what works best for the audience. Opened up PowerPoint functionality and made it relevant to our presentations.

Our Public Speaking Skills Training Courses are designed to work for YOU

We realise people are individuals in their own right and learn differently from each other. At Audience Alive we build our Public Speaking Training Courses to appeal to a wider audience. If there is a special request let us know and we can tailor training for both groups and individuals within those groups. We understand that “one size does not fit all” so we build variety into our training courses.

Our Public Speaking Training Courses are run in a fun and safe learning environment. We encourage participation and interaction with individuals and group learning activities. We encourage people to speak about their own experiences. Learning about the positive and or negative effects these experiences have had on their current communication styles.

John Quinn, Presentologist at AudienceAlive has a powerful insight into the way we can create deeper and more lasting engagement with our audiences. His depth of understanding into the many nuances of a platform we take for granted – Powerpoint – has contributed immeasurably to the success of so many professional speakers, and those who are required to speak as a professional element of their business. If you’re in the business of speaking professionally (and let’s face it – we are ALL in this business) and are looking for a way to really WOW your audiences, then make sure John and AudienceAlice are part of your team

Simone de Haas

Transformational Speaker in Exceptional Leadership