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The WOW Factor

Professional presentations and expert training

Who We Are

Since 2001, Audience Alive has been bringing audiences out of the presentation black hole they’ve been subject to. You know the one we’re talking about? The one where you feel like you’re being pulled apart in different states of boredom and you are questioning why the presenter is so cruel as to do this to you? Luckily, Audience Alive knows what it takes to pull your presentation out of the dark and into the beautiful light and we’ve got many years’ experience in doing just that. Making professional presentations is what Audience Alive does.


We craft dynamic, professionally designed presentations that allow you to deliver your message with confidence and meaningfulness. It’s all about creating that WOW! Factor and having your product presented professionally without skimping on the entertainment value that really engages an audience.

You know the saying, ‘Don’t judge a book by its cover’? Well we’re sorry to say it, but everyone really does judge a book, or presentation, by his or her first impression. With all the content around to consume, it’s just the way an audience filters through it. That means that your company won’t get a second chance to make a good first impression, so your presentation really needs to be extravagant, compelling and presented expertly to effectively engage your audience.

With headquarters in Dubai, Audience Alive is an award winning “presentology” and “eventology” company offering New Zealand businesses expertly presented presentations, audience participation systems and mobile event apps.

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john quinn toastmaster professional presenter

What We Do – Professional Presentations, Audience Engagement and Expert Training

We’ve all had to endure a boring, dull and time-wasting presentation that leaves us feeling empty inside and questioning why the presenter even stood up in the first place. Every day someone, somewhere, sits in a talk and thinks: ‘Dear God, What have I done to deserve this? Do I need to sit through another ‘Death-by-PowerPoint™’ presentation? I’ve got a million things piled on my desk and this event certainly isn’t helping to get them done’!

It doesn’t have to be that way. You don’t need to sit through a questionable presentation, nor does the presenter need to be delivering a conservative, sleep-inducing presentation.

We want to bring your audience to life, encouraging interaction and promoting excitement. Engaging your audience can, while difficult, can be done really well with the help of digital media, video, voice-overs, state of the art graphics and live-response tools. But it doesn’t stop at technology. To deliver an exceptional presentation, you’ve got to sell your story and sell it well. You can’t race through it with nerves or practice your best monotone voice. You’ve got to deliver with confidence and personalise your presentation so you really connect with your audience on a meaningful level. Our expert presentation training will help you realise your full potential as a public speaker.

How we do it

Stories. And good stories at that. To win over your audience you have to form a relationship with them, and to do this you need to create a unique brand story that speaks to the real reason they are sitting in front of you.

After receiving your presentation, we can understand the essentials of your business: what it stands for, what it wants to be, what it wants to sell and who it wants to sell to. We’ll use the important facts and figures you provide, but instead of displaying these in a standard, boring manner we will craft these into a fluid story that presents your brand in an exciting light which leaves a lasting impression on your audience. The use of props, digital and visual media, interactive software and compelling storytelling helps deliver that brand story in an exciting, interesting and memorable way.

With many years experience creating professional presentations in the Middle East, Audience Alive also offers bi-lingual presentations helping companies better connect with international audiences and clients.

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Our Team of Experts

We talk the talk, but can we walk the walk? We think so. After crafting over 25,000 slides for companies around the world we can confidently say that we have saved countless lives from ‘Death-by-PowerPoint’.

Our dynamic team of presentation professionals, which includes graphic designers, marketers, audience engagement specialists, presentation training experts and software developers combine their mutual desire to change the face of presentations to deliver compelling story’s that redefine your brand.


We’ve worked with some of the world’s largest companies in producing professional presentations seen by 1000’s of people. Our success comes from the work we put into really understanding our client’s goals, and then putting ourselves in the audiences seat. How would we want to hear this? What’s going to make our ears prick? Stop us from thinking too much about what’s for lunch? And get us interacting with the speaker? These questions guide us in producing stories that help your brand sell because that’s what it’s all about. Whether it is products, ideas, employee development – your presentation has got to sell its message convincingly. And it’s going to do just that with the professional presentations help of Audience Alive.

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A message from the CEO

“Every customer comes to us looking for the WOW! Factor and since 2001 we have learned how to create it. What we do is visible on the faces of your audience” says CEO and Presentologist, John Quinn.

“Each professional presentation design gives you the opportunity to connect and engage with your audience. By combining our formula of Compelling Content, Developed Delivery and Improved Interactivity you are guaranteed to increase energy levels at events and to bring your Audience Alive” adds Quinn.

As an experienced professional presentations design company, Audience Alive utilizes a tried and tested formula that turns your presentation into an interactive, exciting experience leaving a lasting and positive impression.

presentation professionals
John Quinn

John Quinn

Chief Presentologist

Raised and educated in Ireland, Johnny has sat through more bad presentations than he’d care to remember. It was during one of these boring business meetings in 2001 that Johnny decided on a career to banish “Death-by-PowerPoint™”

Jacquie Carson

Jacquie Carson

Business Development

Educated in the UK, Jacquie has been managing and building businesses in the Middle East and Europe for most of her career. She naturally excels in business details, an essential attribute for a presentation company.



The Chairman

Gerry is our non-executive board member affectionately known as “The Chairman”. His role is supervisory and he can be found helping with red tape and keeping client needs paramount. Gerry leverages a lifetime spent in media to guide the team.

Zamir Uddin

Zamir Uddin


Zamir has been working with branding and visual communication his whole career.
He has an excellent eye for detail and clients love the fact that he can turn a list of bullet points into a meaningful graphic– sometimes overnight. We call him the ‘PowerPoint™ Vampire’!
Simon Hankins

Simon Hankins


Simon brings many years of Graphic Design and Marketing experience to the team. He has passion for visual arts and music, which, when combined with his homespun kiwi innovation skills results in something truly different.

Al Carson

Al Carson


Al provides a unique combination of technical expertise within event audio visual production and support as well as a passion to help engage audiences with latest event technology.

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