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Change the way you create presentations

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This programme has been developed to disrupt the norm!

Death-by-PowerPoint, Bullet-Points, Reading slides; these are just some of the mistakes today’s presenters make when trying to communicate effectively. Attendees who are already good at making presentations, are eligible to attend this course. This programme has been developed to disrupt the norm. Attendees leave the course with key tools and techniques which change their presentations forever. The result is more memorable and impactful, and ultimately seals a deal or nails a point home.

Online or In-person – you choose

Our programme has been developed to help increase knowledge about the fundamentals of effective presentations, learn new skills and techniques on putting presentations together, and become acquainted with the latest the world of multimedia technology has to offer us. This course can be delivered online or in person over two days.  


Went beyond the mechanics of presentations, a huge focus was what works best for the audience. 


Opened my eyes to what is possible in PowerPoint. 


This course changed the way we create and produce presentations in our organisation

Become a Slide Master

Born out of 20 years of experience, this course will change the way you create presentations. 

Below are the areas the course covers: (allow 90 minutes for each module)


PowerPoint user interface

Slide sorter

Slide sections

Ruler, Grids and Guides

Useful Keyboard shortcuts

Save options and password protecting your files

Customizing “quick access” toolbar



Shapes, objects and pictures

Screen clipping

Alignment and distribution

Filling pictures in shapes

Inserting pictures (online / offline)

Picture background removal

Picture effects and corrections

Arranging objects and Selection pane

Animations and 3D objects

Adding animations (effects)

Motion paths

Animation painter

Effect options

Animation pane and timeline

Transition effects and Slide timings

Inserting 3D objects and animating them

Fonts and text properties

Using large fonts to create impact

Understanding font embedding

Embedding fonts in your presentation

Character spacing / Kerning

Paragraph properties

Text direction




Inserting music and videos

Playing / looping music across the presentation

Playing music and videos automatically

Trimming music and videos inside PowerPoint

Create amazing presentations with video backgrounds

Controlling slideshows

Presenter view

Looping presentation

Custom slideshow

Disabling animations / transition timings

Recording slideshows as video

Broadcasting slideshows online


Slide Masters

When to use them and when to not

Placeholders vs. static objects

Layouts – how and when to use them

Saving templates as POT files

Creating your own template using slide masters

Infographics and Interactive Presentations

Converting bullets into infographics

Sourcing icons and using icon sets

Using infographics for navigation

Actions / Hyperlinking

PowerPoint Section Zoom

Opening another presentation from current presentation (during slideshow)

Latest PowerPoint features

Designer for PowerPoint

3D Libraries and how to add your own

Morph Animation and how to use it

Presenter Coach

PowerPoint Live

Live subtitles 



Johnny Quinn and the team at AudienceAlive are masterminds in the area of PowerPoint presentations. Their skills and creative flair always produces that ‘Wow’ factor and it keeps audiences engaged. I’ve attended several of Johnny’s courses and they are always insightful, powerful and practical – as well as fun! I always refer my clients to Johnny when they need their PowerPoint to be amazing. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending them to you. 

David Nottage CSP & World Champion of Public Speaking