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Audience Alive NZ

Professional presentation designers, expert presentation trainers & audience engagement specialists.

Welcome to Audience Alive – We would love to help with designing your presentation!

We believe in creating quality, enjoyable and exciting presentations that capture the attention of audiences and leave a positive impression on your business. We help you get business by presenting your products and ideas in an exciting way. If you want to sell your product, you can’t have a presentation that’s putting 65% of the audience to sleep. It’s got to be something captivating, thrilling and something that both sells your product well and brings your audience alive.


That’s where Audience Alive can help. Whether you’re a corporate, large to small business, start up or burgeoning entrepreneur our team of professional presentation designers will turn your sales pitch from forgettable to memorable.

We’re not just about designing presentations either. It’s about the whole package; you’ve got to be confident in the delivery of your presentation because that’s how you form a meaningful and genuine relationship with your audience. Our expert training in public speaking helps with bringing your presentation to a new level, one in which there is confidence and presence in its delivery.


Why we think you will love our services?

We think you will love our services and we have delivered many exceptional quality and professionally designed presentations to many businesses! Lots of satisfied customers are very excited by the services that we deliver. You can see some of our work right here.


Find out just how good we are!

We’re not just any old designers of presentations. We love keeping up with the latest interactive technologies, audio and visual designs and any other method that brings your professional presentation designed to a new, captivating level.

We would love to insert a bit of badass handiwork into your presentation that helps your business sell its product or message, and sell it with a BANG! After all, no one is going to buy your message if it’s lackluster and…sleep inducing!


Simply fill in the form above with your details and tell us what your company presentation needs are.
As passionate presentation designers, we’ll be in touch with some exciting alternatives that utilize a number of powerful presentation designing tools we know will bring your audience alive!

What you’ll learn pretty quickly when you get in touch with us? Our desire to form genuine and lasting relationships with our clients, which helps in better understanding their business goals and presentation needs.

We think we’re pretty darn good at bringing audiences alive, we’ve been doing it since 2001. We think we’re everything you’d want and need in a presentation designer but get in touch today to see how we actually walk the walk (not just talk the talk).

Audience Alive are:

  • Professional Designers
  • Creative Thinkers
  • Intelligent Team Players
  • Audience Engagement Specialists
  • Experts in Presentology
  • Communicative and Receptive
  • Presentation Tutors and Trainers
  • Your New Presentation Designers!

Audience Alive deliver:

  • Professional Service
  • Creative Presentations
  • Impressive Visualization of Data
  • Audience Engagement
  • Expertise in Presentology
  • Clever Communication Ideas
  • Training and Ongoing Support
  • Absolutely Amazing Presentation Design!
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