Catchbox – the throwable microphone

The Fun Way to Engage Your Audience!

Conferences and large events are a great way for people from different backgrounds to come together to share ideas and come up with new solutions. Sadly, most of the time such events end up being boring and unproductive, with audiences left uninspired, listening to a one way monologue. With Catchbox throwable microphone, organizers and speakers finally have a tool that can will help liven up events and make conferences more about participation and discussion. Not only does the device make asking questions in packed rooms faster and more feasible, the simple act of getting audiences to throw a soft cube breaks the ice and gets people to talk.

Catchbox Throwable Microphone New Zealand and Australia


Of attendees agreed they were more likely to contribute due to the fun nature of the system


Of participants agreed that catchbox should be used for engagement in future meetings


Increase in message retention when using this technology

Catchbox Lite

Designed for small conferences, workshops, and lectures with up to 100 people, the Catchbox LITE is a complete wireless microphone system that works globally without a license.With its in built frequency hopping and digital signal, the device will not interfere with other wireless mics and does not require active frequency management from the user. Simply turn it on, it’s that simple.

Catchbox Pro

Catchbox PRO is a module that allows professionals to convert their existing belt pack transmitters into throwable microphones. No need to buy new transmitters and receivers or change existing integrated systems, simply connect your existing belt pack into the Catchbox Pro. IMPORTANT: the Catchbox Pro requires a 3rd party belt pack transmitter to work as a wireless microphone.

Ways to Use Catchbox

  1. Share information with a group, and establish that it has been understood: Case study – training – workshop – evaluation – product launch – conference.
  2. Gain information from a group quickly and accurately: Meetings – opinion polls – surveys – evaluation – market research.
  3. Develop ideas with a group, promote involvement and ‘Q & A’: Business benchmarking – brainstorming – action planning – sales strategy meetings -employee induction.
  4. Promote discussion, create a challenge and involve a group with each other: Team building – quizzes – staff training – trivia events – motivational events – staff meetings – knowledge testing.

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