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Unlike slides, which literally box you in, a Prezi Presentation gives you a limitless zoomable canvas and the ability to show relationships between the big picture and fine details. The added depth and context makes your message more likely to resonate, motivate, and get remembered, whether it’s your bread-and-butter sales pitch, a classroom lecture, or a TED Talk to the world’s foremost thinkers.

Specifications for a Prezi Presentation

An increasingly popular visual presentation tool (15 million users and counting, according to company reps), Prezi takes a different approach than programs like Microsoft PowerPoint. Instead of linear slides, prezis (the company’s name for its presentation format) run along paths that zoom the focus to a series of points in the prezi as you click the Next button. From the opening screen of your prezi, you might move up, down, left or right across the prezi’s canvas to show more info.

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Pros: Prezi Presentation

  1. Professional Presentation Production WOWs your audience.

Cons: Prezi Presentation

  1. Production is dependent on time: 1-3 weeks
  2. Audience Nausea

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