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At larger events typically there is a large widescreen backdrop. We’ve developed a method of making Widescreen PowerPoint Presentation content which can fit across the entire width of the screen creating a wow effect.

Specifications For a Widescreen PowerPoint Presentation

1. Typography & Fonts – One font type and no bullet points.

2. Imagery and Media – High-quality graphics only including photographs& info graphics.

3. Graphs, Charts & Tables – Minimise data whilst maximising the message.

4. Animations and Timing
s – Slide builds and transitions using object oriented animations. Objective – PowerPoint® slides which do not looklike PowerPoint®slides.

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Pros: Widescreen PowerPoint Presentation

  1. Professional Presentation Production WOWs your audience.

Cons: Widescreen PowerPoint Presentation

  1. Production is dependent on time: 1-3 weeks

“We are the Professionals that can design a Powerful Widescreen PowerPoint Presentation for you.”

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