Festival Of Colour Wanaka Launch Presentation!

 powerpoint presentation for festival

The Problem

Festival of Colour Wanaka needed a presentation upgrade from the previous years launch presentation. The tired PowerPoint Presentation needed some real TLC! So we gave the Festival of Colour Launch PowerPoint Presentation a true makeover!

The Solution

By adding modern clean clear graphics, smooth animations, beautiful imagery and stylish text we were able to raise the bar considerably. The overall lightness and colourful theme really shines through now! See for yourself below and make the comparison.

Old PowerPoint Presentation

festival launch presentation

Updated PowerPoint Presentation

launch powerpoint presentation
launch presentation made in powerpoint
Powerpoint launch presentation
powerpoint presentation for festival launch
powerpoint launch presentation

The Verdict

We’ll let Lindsey tell you about it!

Audience Alive made our launch presentation come to life with colour and animation. It was several steps above our previous PowerPoint presentations with a consistent template to reinforce our branding, easy to amend text and great use of images and video and music clips. The team were super responsive and helpful. Thanks Audience Alive.
Lindsey Schofield

General Manager, Festival of Colour