Advanced Public Speaking Training Course

$595.00 NZ

A 4 hour interactive course, delivered either in-person or online, facilitated by a Presentologist with over 20 years experience. Learn the to present with real impact in this interactive workshop.


Advanced Public Speaking Training Course:

This course will help you communicate with confidence and skill whilst growing your self confidence. It’s a fact that better presenters move faster through corporations and this course helps guide you onto the path of better public speaking and communication. Train with us and speak with confidence.

Course Details:

  • Duration: 4 hours
  • Location: Delivered either in-person or online
  • Prerequisites: No prior knowledge is required

Course Overview:

  • Handling Fear: Feel the fear but do it anyway. Learn how to take control
  • Develop your voice by focusing on pitch, pace, prosody, volume & accent
  • Body Language tips from an expert focusing on the eyes, face & hands
  • Learn the latest stagecraft techniques gained over 20 years of experience
  • Profile your audience and learn to engage them with the latest skills
  • Learn how to manage the environment to ensure optimum delivery
  • Banish the fear of technology by learning how to always have a Plan B

Why attend?

Employers: Ensure your staff are communicating with the latest learning in this new environment.
Employees: Better presenters move faster through corporations – learn how – train with us


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