Audience Engagement Training Course

$395.00 NZ

A 2 hour interactive course, delivered either in-person or online, facilitated by a Presentologist with over 20 years experience. Learn to really engage an audience in this interactive workshop.


Audience Engagement Training Course:

Improve audience retention of your message. This course identifies the best solutions to improve audience interactivity and engage people, thus improving memory retention of the subject. Interactivity and audience engagement technologies are becoming the norm at events and meetings. Also sponsors see interactivity as a valuable channel for reaching busy attendees, boosting the exposure of your event further.

Course Details:

  • Duration: 2 hours
  • Location: Delivered either in-person or online
  • Prerequisites: No prior knowledge is required

Course Overview:

  • Monologue versus Dialogue – why you should consider engagement
  • The latest Audience engagement apps such as: Slido, Turning Technologies, Poll Everywhere
  • Learn about Audience Engagement Tools such as: Logi Spotlight, Catchbox, Zoom Polling
  • Learn how to crowd-source your content
  • New ways to meet: Meeting Architecture examples such as: Campfire, Unconference, Ignite, PechKucha, Quiz, Debate, and Scene
  • How to avoid the common problems of Audience Engagement

Why attend?

Employers: Ensure your staff are communicating with the latest learning in this new environment.
Employees: Learn to use audience engagement to be memorable to your audience


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