Data Visualization Training Course

$395.00 NZ

A 2 hour interactive course, delivered either in-person or online, facilitated by a Presentologist with over 20 years experience. Learn the PowerPoint skills to create dataviz slides with real impact in this interactive workshop.


Data Visualization Training Course:

Presenters have lots of knowledge to communicate. However most presenters consider a data dump to be the way to get their message across. They hope that if they present lots of data, some may stick.
The result is that audiences are suffering from data overload and the result is boredom in the boardroom. This course provides the cure to that problem.

Course Details:

  • Duration: 2 hours
  • Location: Delivered either in-person or online
  • Prerequisites: A basic knowledge of PowerPoint is required

Course Overview:

  • Visual Hierarchy and how to layout your slides for maximum impact
  • Learn to convert data to stories using the latest techniques
  • Build infographics in PowerPoint
  • Use the latest iconography techniques to really make your messages land with the audience
  • Build your own Illustrations by combining icons and animations
  • Learn to add impact to charts and graphs by removing chart junk
  • Learn the future of presentations with animated infographics

Why attend?

Employers: Ensure your staff are communicating with the latest learning in this new environment.
Employees: Learn to use data visualization to effectively communicate

1 review for Data Visualization Training Course

  1. Pat Fallon

    I love to see experts who have mastered their tools. You presented a tool and the how to use it properly and you hit that for a six. You also condensed a tonne of info into such a short time. I think this speaks for itself as to the power of presenting properly!

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